正如的贾森·沃尔夫解释田纳西,谁一年前贡献作为第五轮新秀的家伙可能是在九月失踪晋级决赛的危险。 The problem arises from the players the Titans have added at the position, including rookie first-rounder科里·戴维斯并且,最近,老将埃里克·德克尔,他的合同已经基本上保证了他一个名额的结构。


“他们中有些人喜欢Tajae [是]将有一个困难时期,”主教练迈克·马尔基上周表示,对于球员谁将会是无法行使如常。 “Obviously he’s not going to run right now, but he’s got to do something to stay in shape. You can’t come back and expect to get in shape in training camp. It’s not like the old days. Training camp is short. You used to be able to build into it in the training camps. You can’t do that anymore. You’ve got to be ready to go. No matter what your injury is, there’s something you can do, cardio-wise, to train.”

最终,夏普将需要执行,在实践和季前赛。 Last year, he caught 41 passes for 522 yards and two touchdowns in 16 games, with 10 starts. This year, the Titans surely want more from a spot that high on the depth chart, which means Sharpe could end up lower in the pecking order. Which could ultimately hinge his employment on the extent to which he’s expected to contribute to special teams.

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